The soul carusel

In the novel series "The soul carusel" Vera, the main protagonist, wants always to be at the good side of the live. But this doesn´t always works. In the review of some of her lives in past centuries she recognice, why in her live so much was going wrong and why she was often the victim of her murderer.


The term soul carusel is used for the long circuit of souls between birth, live on earth, death, experiences in the world hereafter and rebirth in a new body with maybe an other gender. Male changes to female and vice versa. In the worlds outside of matter the duality is dissolving until the next rebirthing of a person on earth.


Therefore the earth can be seen as the soul carusel, which is moving us in the circle of rebirthing until we will be able to find the way out, back to the infinitely universe and to the infinitely love of the all encompassing.

The circles, the soul carusel is turning, will be bigger:

  • In the first volume all is turning about Vera, her search for love, her boy friends and her murderer.
  • In the second volume Vera will be whirled through politics and high society, which nearly destroys her live, and
  • in the third volume all is turnig about the whole earth, because she is in great danger.

In the scientific sides will be visible, how nearby scientific is to the beyond and the fine structure. Things, which are fiction at yesterday are now part of a new reality.

Volume 1 - Vera

The young and dynamic jurist Vera, who believes only to her career in a company, recognizes in Bruxelles after her killing that her live has been not finished after her dead and is continuing in an other world.

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Volume 2 - Where is you homeland?

Reborn in her new life, Vera is the victim of an Islamist attack shortly before graduation in Hamburg in which her mother dies. She moves to Vienna, becomes a journalist and gets caught up in a political battle between the parties. In doing so, she has to recognize that her past lives play an important role.

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Volume 3 - The Peruvian

Eight years later, Vera, suspected of murder, has to flee to Peru with her son. There she gets caught up in events that can destroy civilization forever.

How can the disaster be averted?

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2117 - The world, which we don´t wanted

100 years after the BREXIT and after the 3rd war for oil this dystopic novel shows us a world, in which nobody from us want to live.

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