The soul carusel - Volume 1 - Vera

Is there a live after the death?


Vera, young and successful don´t beliefe it in any way.

At a business trip to Brussels she gets to know someone and is beginning to falling in love. But professional killers ends her live apruptly. Vera is pushed in a world of nightmare, beginning directly behind our wake conscious.

Vera experiences a roller coaster ride through heaven and hell of her previous lives in centuries past ago.

She realizes why their love affair in Vienna failed and that she has now met the sixteenth-century murderer of her parents again in Brussels.

The help of old and new friends from the beyond gives her so much energy that she can spirituality help the police to hunt the professional killers.


But new difficulties come up to Vera, because she would like to be reborn on earth and this time wants to do everything better than in her last life, which was far too short. But her future father is in mortal danger before he can father her, what can Vera do now?


The latest findings from research on the afterlife in the form of a spiritual detective novel.


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The experiences of the afterlife described in the novel are not only an expression of poetic freedom, but are also based on the knowledge of Eastern wisdom teachings about rebirth and the afterlife that has been known for centuries, as well as on the modern scientific research results about near-death experiences of rescued patients.