2117 - The world, which we don´t wanted

1100 years after the BREXIT and after the 3rd war for oil this dystopic novel shows us a world, in which nobody from us want to live.
We must therefore be vigilant so that it does not come to that and our children's children are not born into such a world. Most of the technology for the complete surveillance of the people and the foreclosure of the rich is already available and in use today.

The content:

In 2117, Clara, a young girl from a good family, got off the wrong tube station and found herself in the murderous ruins of East London at the end of the third oil war. The stick girl Suzy first saves her life and then lures her to the brothel.
Major Swietowsky, security chief of one of the most powerful men on the planet, flies with him on a secret mission to Moscow. Their journey ends unexpectedly on the stopover in London. Anna Radakovic, her Russian interpreter, is playing a deadly game.
In Cologne, Professor Reisinger comes across old data on a mysterious form of energy. The energy crisis with its nuclear wars for the last oil resources should never have happened. But by that he already knows too much and is being hunted down mercilessly by the EU police. The surveillance state Europe knows all the secrets of its citizens in the last islands of prosperity of the EU. Anyone who has been identified as a terrorist by the computer is as good as dead. He flees to London, which after BREXIT no longer belongs to the EU, but has defended its independence completely impoverished. He only has one address that he found on old CDs and doesn't know what to expect there. The EU troops are on his trail and have orders to shoot. Can he survive, or must everyone die who have information about the mystery energy?