The soul carusel - Volume 2 - Where is you homeland?

Where is you homeland?

  • In Austria, as the nationalists tell,
  • in Europe, as the liberals tell,
  • at the whole earth, as is told in the 21th century,
  • or at a completely other place ….

An answer is giving this book:


A love story that gets under your skin, across multiple layers of reality. Everyone brings their past with them, but do they have a future together?

  • Vera, a young aspiring journalist from Hamburg, wants to write the truth.
  • Ali, a radicalized German-Turk wants to blow up the West.
  • Daniel, a forest scientist wants to reforest South America.
  • Otto from Vienna wants to become the leader of the PRO, the party for law and order.

Can murder end a relationship, or is it just the beginning?
Is it true that one can meet again in the next life?
Who is the father of her child and who is the child?


What happens when a left-wing journalistin woman and a right-wing party leader fall in love. She leave her boyfriend for it.

But then they have to realize in their dreams that they met in a previous life, that they hated each other then and that he murdered her Has.

In the time today intrigues, slander and threats rage on social media and Vera is constantly in danger of being murdered in real life.

How much does the subtle play a role in the political turmoil in the 10s between xenophobia, investigative journalism and the rise of the right. All just fiction, or more ...


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Building on the scientific research results about near-death experiences of rescued patients and the very real political madness, the novel connects the different levels in an exciting way.