The soul carusel - Volume 3 - The Peruvian

Something invisible is approaching humanity. Few initiates know how dire the consequences will be. Will our civilization survive or perish?


Vera, the successful editor-in-chief of a Viennese Internet & TV channel, gets caught up in the maelstrom of events when she, suspected of murder, has to flee to Peru. There she meets Don Pedro in the Sacred Valley.

  • Can he avert the impending disaster for humanity and what role does Vera's TV Channel play in this?
  • A never-before-seen experiment is started, can it succeed?
  • What happens when the energies of 150 million people are focused on one thought.
  • Do we still need the old world order, or is something completely new beginning to emerge?
  • Do people realice the power of their thoughts?

The changes are so strong that even the Pope resigns and dissolves his office. All just fiction, or is there more to it ...


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Building on the scientific research results about near-death experiences of rescued patients and the very real political madness, the novel connects the different levels in an exciting way.