The other sides of reality ....

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The Peruvian
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A spiritual adventure novel by Andy Hermann with an ecological background in the near future.

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"How real is reality?"

                                    Paul Watzlavick

"It is not cruelty but goodness that holds the structure of the cosmos together"

                         Paramahansa Yogananda

A small impression ...

how exciting and dramatic it can be  ...

to make visible unvisible things, which are not available for our waking consciousness.

When we recognize that we are more, than we have had believed in the past, then nothing is the same as bevore and a new world will be opend for us.

A world full of beauty, love and peace, which we  can experience already here on earth, if we are ready to get involved with it.

The way is not always easy and free of danger, because there are a lot of enemies, which want to stop us.

It is look slike a fiction, but the live beyond the death has not only a spiritual basic, but scientists recognize more and more that the materialism alone cannot explain the world in which we are living.


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